Human Resources   
  The Providence Public School District is the largest school district in Rhode Island, serving a culturally diverse population of 23,300 students. The racial and ethnic breakdown of the student population is as follows: 22 percent Black, 60 percent Hispanic, 12 percent White, 6 percent Asian and 1 percent Native American. Providence, like many urban school districts, faces challenges in educating our students, many of whom face significant barriers to learning, including poverty, limited language proficiency and special education needs.  
  Benefits of Working in Providence  
  In addition to a salary schedule that allows for frequent salary increases as teachers work toward advanced degrees, the Providence School Department has an “Aspiring Principals Program.” A candidate who successfully completes the program will be fully certified as a school administrator with a Master’s Degree in Education. Providence Schools provides staff development opportunities including conferences, professional development system-wide days, paid summer workshops and seminars.